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The Arielle Project (Paperback)

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This book is collection of poems from the Arielle Project. The Arielle Project is a compendium of poems written for my daughter, Arielle. It intended as a lifetime gift, a memento of faith. It is intended to comfort inspire her. She is now 24 and it took me over twenty years to complete this project. It took multiple rewrites in multiple formats on paper and through the lifetime of several computers. Poems inspired by each and every chapter of the Bible are included in the completed Arielle Project. Only the poems from five books and a few stand alone poems are included herein. A saying attributed to Nathan Of Bratslav motivated me to share with others: " if one could write a book and didn't it was like one could have a child and didn't ". It is in that light I share with you a portion of my larger work with you. I trust it will be good to you. It is meant to lead you to search deeper into the Bible and other related sources. Dan Delger is a sixty seven year old man loving in Northwest Ohio. After graduating from university he provided direct care to the developmentally handicapped for thirty years. Presently he is retired and free to pursue other interests. He enjoys time in nature, studying painting writing and time with friends. The author's life is not at issue here. Instead the praise and glory of the Almighty is paramount to the writing understanding and publishing of these poems. These poems were gifts for me to share. I am sharing them for each reader to encourage you in your chosen walk of life. I would like to encourage you to study more and pursue the innate value and talents the Creator placed within you. In so doing you will give praise and glory our Almighty Father, who deserves our gratefulness and honor.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781498495622
ISBN-10: 1498495621
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: January 10th, 2017
Pages: 152
Language: English