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Traditional Taekwondo: Core Techniques, History, and Philosphy (Paperback)

Traditional Taekwondo: Core Techniques, History, and Philosphy Cover Image
By Doug Cook, Richard Chun (Foreword by)
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Discover the original purpose and training of taekwondo

The principles and techniques illustrated in this book, having been handed down over the decades, if not centuries, emphasize a core philosophy rich in defensive strategy.

Taekwondo, literally translated, can be defined as "foot, hand way" or "the way of smashing with hands and feet." Such descriptive nomenclature understandably implies a curriculum rich in self-defense. Too often, however, this is simply not the case. Given the current popularity of sport competition in the martial arts, many techniques of defensive value have been stripped away or forfeited altogether in favor of those certain to score in the ring. While the thirst for Olympic gold has clearly played a significant role in propelling taekwondo into the forefront, it should be remembered that this native Korean martial art contains over 3200 distinct self defense techniques.

This book describes in detail, the history and evolution of Taekwondo from its ancient roots to modern day applications. Also included are exercises in "Ki" or internal energy development, meditation practice, and practical self-defense strategies. This work focuses on the traditional aspects of Taekwondo rather than on its sportive component.

About the Author

Doug Cook holds a 5th Dan Black Belt in the Korean martial art of taekwondo and is certified as an instructor and in rank by the United States Taekwondo Association and the Kukkiwon. He is the author of two best-selling books focusing on taekwondo entitled, Taekwondo: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Warrior and Traditional Taekwondo: Core Techniques, History, and Philosophy, a finalist in ForeWord magazine's Book of the Year Award. All editions are published by YMAA Publication Center, Inc., and are available online and at booksellers throughout the world.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781594390661
ISBN-10: 1594390665
Publisher: YMAA Publication Center
Publication Date: April 1st, 2006
Pages: 302
Language: English