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Superstar Potty Training Book for Boys (Paperback)

Superstar Potty Training Book for Boys Cover Image
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Help your toddler discover his potty power

Is it time to say goodbye to diapers and start toilet training? Ease the transition with this supportive book designed to familiarize kids 1 to 3 with how boys use the potty and inspire them to become a potty superstar.
  • A trip to the potty—This easy and entertaining book walks kids through potty training step-by-step, from identifying that first tummy rumble to washing hands once they've finished their business.
  • Charming illustrations—The book's vibrant pictures are guaranteed to delight your toddler, keeping him engaged in the story while providing visual clues for the potty-training process.
  • For all families preparing for the potty—This book was written for every type of family and every little boy between 1 and 3 so each tiny reader can see himself in the story.

Get ready to ditch the diapers with this encouraging potty training book for boys.

About the Author

VIOLET GIANNONE is a registered nurse, pediatric sleep consultant and founder of Sleep, Baby, Sleep®, a website dedicated to helping babies sleep. After struggling with getting her first baby to sleep, Violet was faced with immense sleep deprivation. Realizing that walking around like a zombie was no way to parent a baby, Violet developed a sleep training program that drew attention worldwide. Believing that “cry it out” is not the only way to help a baby sleep, Violet dedicated her time and research to developing a program that is gentle, yet effective. She is helping parents daily and all over the world through the website. For a more tailored approach, she also offers personalized sleep plans and one-on-one consultations. Violet has been featured in and is a pediatric sleep expert for popular parenting websites such as,, Moms Magazine, Macaroni Kid, Baby Chick, Tinyhood and more. When she is not helping babies sleep or busy running around with/after her two girls, Violet loves coffee, Mexican food, listening to loud music, dancing as if no one is watching, and always looking for opportunities to take the road less traveled.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781638077794
ISBN-10: 1638077797
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: June 7th, 2022
Pages: 48
Language: English