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Adulting for Beginners - Life Skills for Adult Children, Teens, High School and College Students The Grown-up's Survival Gift (Paperback)

Adulting for Beginners - Life Skills for Adult Children, Teens, High School and College Students The Grown-up's Survival Gift Cover Image
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Congratulations, the day has finally arrived You're officially a GROWN UP Which is great in theory, but maybe a bit more stressful in practise...

Here's what's coming towards you very quickly...

You're going to have to learn how to cook, clean, find a job, fix your car, live away from home and manage your money. You'll need to eat the right stuff (sorry, but noodles 24/7 just won't cut it), ace the job interview, impress your boss and fix your flat tire on Monday morning so you get to work or college on time. Ideally you'll make more money than you spend, make new friends, maybe even start your own business and create a life you love.

These are all the important life skills we need to know as an adult, that we're NOT taught in school

Right, don't panic You're in the right place. This book will share with you the proven tips & strategies to make your adulting days the best days of your life.

In Adulting for Beginners you'll discover:

  • The basics you need to stock your kitchen with to always have something to eat
  • Easy meal plans and ideas to keep your body healthy, even if you hate cooking.
  • How to do useful stuff like do your laundry, how to fix your toilet and never run out of toilet paper
  • First aid tips, better health strategies, and how to make exercise fun
  • How to choose the right apartment, house, and flatmates to avoid trouble
  • Exactly how to find a job, negotiate your salary and get on the promotion fast track even if it's your first job
  • How to change your oil, fix a flat tire and look after your car even if you're not a mechanic
  • When to create a rainy day fund, 401Ks and how to manage debt without stress
  • How to expand your income by becoming an entrepreneur and creating passive income opportunities
  • How to make money, pay your taxes and prepare to buy a house in the future.
  • And tons more grown up survival tips and tricks in this guide for students, graduates, girls, women, men and boys

With this book you'll be able to look forward to many happy years as a successful and happy adult. So grab a copy today.

An awesome high school graduation gift

The book is also the perfect high school graduation, new job and college gift. It's packed full of adulting life hacks to help your daughter, granddaughter, niece or friend succeed in the world.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781915542045
ISBN-10: 1915542049
Publisher: Thady Publishing
Publication Date: July 29th, 2022
Pages: 210
Language: English