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On Auditing: "A Must-Have for Dianetic and Scientology Auditors LRH (Paperback)

On Auditing:
By Martha E. Courtis, Andreas M. B. Gross (Cover Design by)
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A Must Have for Dianetic & Scientology Auditors
LRH's Book Review in Journal of SCIENTOLOGY No 23, 15. Jan 1954:
"Dedicated to her 'thirty friends who spent some eighty hours discussing auditing with me on the framework here represented', this book by Able Auditor Courtis might well have been dedicated 'to all those who have been confused by ALL THOSE CHANGES ' - Setting out in a sparkling style, Courtis sails through the problems of the auditor from early Dianetics to late Scientology and at the same time tells any fledgling how to go about it.
A master hand at writing instruction (she professionally authors cook books) Martha does a masterly job of informing the reader in terms which cannot be misunderstood easily.
Her many charts and clever illustrations increase the readability of the volume. And she has combined recent material from PAB's into a large chart in the back of the book. The entire Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation Parts I and II, and the Chart of Attitudes are also present.
Unlike many of the articles and books by others than the founder of the subject, 'ON AUDITING' is written by a professional writer who knows her subject well and who is trying to relate its uses to life rather than re-make the subject.
The volume uses the language and technologies Hubbard has developed and uses them well and with intelligence.
Courtis shows clearly the path followed by Hubbard in his explorations of the mind and spirit and discovers that the whole is a complete evolution from engrams to 'The Factors' and that each part has its place.
Well grounded in the subject, Courtis has read and used most of the material evolved by Hubbard and has listened to most of his tapes. Further, she received some personal training from him.
Martha Courtis has personal experience with 'what can happen.' Poor auditing about two and a half years ago turned on a chronic somatic which was not relieved until the advent of later Scientology techniques.
So Courtis writes from a well-informed viewpoint on what Auditors should know and what techniques will do.
She has not always been an admirer of Hubbard, which is understandable in view of her experience with Auditors. But she has come steadily forward since the advent of Scientology. - Charming, witty, happily married, Martha Courtis is one of the better human beings on Earth. The fact reflects itself in her book -- a must for every Dianeticist and Scientologist."

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ISBN: 9783947982219
ISBN-10: 3947982216
Publisher: College for Knowledge
Publication Date: March 15th, 2020
Pages: 120
Language: English