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Timing in the Fighting Arts: How to Win a Fight with Speed, Power, and Technique (Paperback)

Timing in the Fighting Arts: How to Win a Fight with Speed, Power, and Technique Cover Image
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What if there were a secret ingredient that could make every one of your martial arts techniques better? Not only faster and more powerful, but more likely to slam home to exactly the right target every time? Maybe there is.

Timing is the art and science of ending a confrontation as quickly and efficiently as possible. In Timing for the Fighting Arts, authors Loren W. Christensen and Wim Demeere team up to teach you exactly how to get every last ounce of speed and power out of your techniques.

Whether you want to feel safer on the street or emerge from the ring victorious, this book is packed with inside information essential to defeating your opponent.

  • Why many experts say timing is more important than speed
  • How to put the OODA loop and Hick's law to work for you
  • Why timing is both an offensive and a defensive asset
  • Which types of verbal distraction can give you an edge
  • Why controlling your opponent's spine gives you an advantage
  • Which tournament techniques really work on the street
  • How to set up multiple opponents to create timing opportunities
  • Which tricks law enforcement officers rely on to buy time
  • How you can improve your odds against a gun or knife

You will find drills and practice scenarios to help you develop every one of these concepts. Go beyond theory and put your new knowledge to work in the ring or on the street, where you need it most.

About the Author

Loren W. Christensen has been involved with martial arts since 1965. He has earned an 8th dan in American Free Style Karate, 2nd dan in Jujitsu, and 1st dan in Modern Arnis. Loren has authored over 50 books (a couple non-fiction), and has written popular articles for numerous martial arts magazines during the past 30 years. Loren was inducted into the 2001 Masters Hall of Fame for a Golden Lifetime Achievement Award. He is a retired Army MP and Portland Police Officer. Loren Christensen resides in Portland Oregon. Wim Demeere began training at the age of 14, studying the grappling ats of judo and jujitsu for several years before turning to the kick/punch arts of traditional kung fu and full contact fighting. He won four national titles and a bronze medal at the 1995 Word Wushu Championships. In 2001, he became the national coach of the Belgian Wushu fighting team. Wim instructs both business executives and athletes in nutrition, strength, endurance, and martial arts. Wim Demeere lives in Belgium.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781594394966
ISBN-10: 1594394962
Publisher: YMAA Publication Center
Publication Date: September 1st, 2016
Pages: 304
Language: English